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Helping you to Establish Uninterrupted Working Environment

The Problem with a standard phone is they leave your unattended from time to time. The only way to overcome this issue hiring someone to attend these calls. If you are using an IP-based phone, you will enjoy better call management as it sets no limitations on mobility.  

The Cisco PBX Dubai allows you to manage your calls with ease with auto attending feature. Route your calls on the right lines and while you are at it, keep your callers engaged with pleasant music. This system will also entertain the guests if you are unable to receive them yourself. Yes, the advanced PBX features routes call to a contingency number if no one picks the call. Even if the emergency number is unavailable, the Cisco PBX will convert the call to voice mail and record their message.

The IP system lets you manage your business from anywhere anytime. Also, this system also provides you with the following benefits:

 Name Dial

 Extension Dial

 Conference Call

 Caller ID Display

 Voice Message to Email

What would you do if you don’t have telecommunication anymore? Probably nothing because the world (what it has become) relies on instant and qualitative communication. Communication is the key to success for anything, including your business.

The problem is we fail to understand the difference between communication and quality communication with how it can affect your business. You help you understand this and make sure you are making the right choice

Cisco Telephone system provides the easy to customize branch solution that's cost-effective, an easy task to deploy, and scalable. Cisco PBX Dubai  make simpler your changeover from old telephone systems to unified communications and collaboration in the organization branch office.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express is simple to configure and could be customized to particular site needs. It is feature rich and can be put together with Cisco Unity Express along with other services within the Cisco ISR to offer an all-in-one branch solution that saves valuable real estate property space.

Learn How Cisco PBX Dubai can Bloom your Business

Benefits of Cisco PBX Dubai Phone System

Communication is an essential element in every business. To ensure you have seamless communication, you need reliable business phone systems with a heck load of features, traffic direct and call switch. The problem is, almost every company only uses 1/10th of these characteristics. This fact calls for the debate of focusing on your needs before you buy a product; you need to look for functionalities of PBX system before deciding to implement it in your business structure.

You need to acquire these features to improve your workflow.  Below are a few indispensable features the Cisco PBX Dubai system offers you.

Automatic Call Attendance: This includes a recorded message that plays whenever someone calls. The message contains instructions for the caller for how he/she should proceed to get in touch with whoever they want to contact.

Call Conference: Every PBX Phone has its set of instructions for this feature, but the basic remain exactly the same. Before anything else, you should be well aware of the requirements of your staff and the overall call volume. As some teleconferencing options are not available in all models, you need to buy them separately, so before you purchase a Cisco PBX Dubai phone, make sure you research well.

Music Hold: The Music Hold Feature plays a specified track while the caller is on hold. It helps keeping the caller interested for a long time.

Other essential features include the names of ID display for internal calls and call duration. The Conference phones come with loudspeakers that are a bit common in office handsets today. In short, the modern Business phones provide you with the duplex distinction of security concern and latest features to make your business grow.  The Cisco PBX Dubai Phones does so by providing its user the complete control of call such as allowing one party to hear for a while or remove limitations from others.

Long Distance Calls

Making long distance calls with a regular phone isn’t ideal. The calling cost of these phone is always too high. On the contrary, the PBX phones, helps you get in touch with your international prospects while remaining in your budget. These phones do so with a web interface with connects to call. This interface is easy to use and convenient to make calls to anywhere in the world.  

A few benefits of using a PBX article is getting IP with VoIP for small business. The effects may not last long, but it depends on your business standards. Implement better communication structure and build better relationships with your prospects.

Ideal for Small Businesses

The PBX phone systems help providing your clients better customer care support. If you don’t have an advanced phone system, you will need to hire a receptionist to take care of this issue. Compared with what Cisco is providing you, this will be a lot more expensive. To help you make your mind, we are providing you a few reasons about how Cisco products are ideal for your business.


When first introduced, the PBX systems proved to be an experience. At that time, only the multinational companies were able to afford these. Fortunately, this problem does not exist today. The reducing costs of software application with advance hardware helped making the PBX products affordable.

Now the Private Branch Exchange phones are a common thing in startup companies. What makes Cisco better at this is this company not only provides you with affordable products. Instead, it also offers you unmatched quality for the price you are paying.

Importance of the right PBX system

If you install an inappropriate PBX System, it won’t do you any good. Therefore for you consider a system to help you start your company. You need to make sure it will be useful while it remains in your budget.

First make a list of your business requirements such as the size of staff operating on this system, the volume of calls and a PBX system according to your company structure. Compile a list and search the Cisco PBX product range. They have a vast array of products that will sure meet your needs while staying within your budget.

Installation of these systems

It is a common misconception that implementing a new PBX telephone system needs you to change your lines. With Cisco PBX Dubai phones, you don’t need to waste your money on new lines. You can install the new system on your already existing lines.